Photon, 2011

Found footage, animation 6’

Animation on 16mm film, 347 x 1 / 24'' loop

Alexander Pawlik's intention has a full-scale character. The artist fulfils it using the found footage technique by editing a sophisticated collage of motion pictures. The source of images are first of all „found” 16 mm tapes – archival documents, scientific and educational films of 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. - films from the last decade when late modernity claimed its right to objective knowledge about the world and the creation of cohesive images about it.

Found footage enables Pawlik to be „everywhere” and to show „everything”; starting from the park, we travel through the inside of a human, we change scales from micro to macro and end up in the universe.  Pawlik's film is a unique „short history of everything”. Who could be its hero? Of course, an elementary particle, the photon mentioned in the title, reconstructed in the film by a red dot speeding through the screen has the role of a universal metaphor of vital forces. The photon is also reconstructed by the view of the artist insatiable in his hunger for images.


Nature of Hell from Alexander Pawlik on Vimeo.

Nature of Hell is a found footage work composed from science and physics 16mm educational films. The outcome is intended to keep all the qualities of its source material, being itself a film which uses moving pictures, logically structured discourse and a narrator to bring forth to the viewer a better understanding of the given subject.

Inspired by Dante’s Inferno, the work sets to explore the structure of hell and movement dynamics of human souls within it. Manipulated imagery of atoms, waves and particles become representations of souls interacting within the confines of hell. In the editing process old animations were deconstructed and put back together to serve as illustrations of these processes.


Built with Berta